Recent Projects

For Hannah
For Hannah had its premiere on Christmas Eve, 2021, and it is now available for streaming. Linda appears in a supporting role, as a small-town waitress. This movie has now won more than 24 awards at film festivals all over the world. To stream the full movie, click here.
Private Screening
Private Screening is an unusual, quirky comedy. Linda stars as Lana Sellers in this funny project. This film is completed -- and it will premiere in the next few weeks (in March, or April of 2022.) It will be in wide release, shortly after. The trailer can be viewed here.
Misadventures of Mistress Maneater
The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater has just begun streaming, on nearly every major platform, and it is getting rave reviews. Linda plays Mrs. Bloofur, a fun and quirky role.
You're Out!
You're Out! just finished shooting, and is now entering post-production. Set to premiere sometime in late 2022. Linda plays Mrs. Wilson.
Imago is a movie that reveals the truth behind the ugly world of sex-trafficking. Linda is featured in a supporting role as Mrs Jennings -- a woman who hires a private detective to catch her cheating husband.
Dark County - The Series
Dark County: The Series is an edgy new series, currently shooting. Linda has a recurring role -- Marcy -- who first appears in episode four.
Making Beethoven Proud
Making Beethoven Proud was just released for home video. Linda plays a doctor, trying to help a young musician deal with a total loss of hearing. This film is a short - but it packs the same wallop as an Edgar Allen Poe short story. Give it a watch.