Upcoming Projects

Private Screening
Private Screening is an unusual, quirky comedy. Linda stars as Lana Sellers in this funny project. This film is in the final stages of post production, and will be released very soon.
Imago is a movie that reveals the truth behind the ugly world of sex-trafficking. Linda is featured in a supporting role as Mrs Jennings -- a woman who hires a private detective to catch her cheating husband.
Never Stop Talking
Never Stop Talking is a comedy set in a radio station which is about to be forced to shut down. It is a full-length movie which was 100% improvised. STATUS: -- coming soon. For further details, click here. The IMDB Page can be found here.
You're Out!
You're Out! just finished shooting, and is now entering post-production. Set to premiere sometime in late 2022. Linda plays Mrs. Wilson.
Hardliner is a thriller, set in the gritty underbelly of Chicago. Linda has been cast as Margaret Hunt, a newspaper reporter.